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I am not sure what you are implying, but the way I read it you're saying that that my course of study does not require critical thinking, studying, memorizing, etc., Life sciences probably require more study than (undergraduate)quantitative majors, so leaving out the comparison to myself, I am sure there are kids in your situation with better grades, working more hours, etc., Grades come first, obviously, but a lot can be accomplished by sheer force of will and a lot...
+1 to the people who say man up. Finance/stat at a decent school, working 30-35 hours a week, paying my own rent(tuition funded through loans) I go to school with so many kids who bitch and moan about 15 hours, i can't imagine how easy life would be if I only had 15 hours of work a week.
the only thing i wonder after all of this is why is the girl changing her mind , wanting to have a child that she can't care for, viewed by the forum as an acceptable decision. I also can't see why her deception of the OP gets a free pass from half of the people here. If she deceived him, is that not messed up? My thoughts on the life/choice argument aside, I can't see how deception of that kind with consequences this serious can be seen as anything but despicable....
pm 26
Very likely to purchase a chesterfield if its: heavy charcoal herringbone Wool or cash wool with slant pockets+ ticket pocket + black collar, just above the knee. I'm sure the fit will be right so I won't comment on that pricepoint around the peacoat or duffel would be ideal. Looking forward to seeing this years peacoat, duffel and chesterfield coats so I can finalize my winter purchase plan
Incotex, Bamford, Cucinelli, Borrelli, Mabitex will all be fine. Hem measurement at 31'' or so must be around 8.25 or so.
its a basic double breasted peak lapel cashmere overcoat. I'm trying to decide if I want a chest pocket or not- im leaning towards yes, for functionality. So, can a tailor just use my extra fabric to add a pocket , or is it more complicated than that
I have an overcoat with extra fabric. Is it possible to add a breast pocket? How much fabric will I need?
NYU tuition.
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