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Aquascutum added. The PRL measures 23'' across the chest.
Sleeve: 26+1, fly front.
Thanks for the info Mack! Pms have been answered.
I will double check the coat measurements. it iss intended as an overcoat, and interested buyers should factor in the weight(heavy!) of the cloth and the way it is cut. Also, drop to $230 I would like to sell this ASAP... adding more items tonight if time permits.
Selling these coats to raise money for unexpected circumstances. Pockets are still sewn shut(except one I opened while trying it on) Heavy charcoal wool with a twill-like weave, black velvet collar. Pre-90s PRL. Fully canvassed. Made in the USA. 3 Button Fly front. A beautiful, well made coat that I wish I didn't have to sell. Asking $240 OBO -> DROP TO $230 (10/13) -> DROP TO $170 (10/19) Measurements: C:46 Sh:21 L:46 Sl: 26 Price drops...
hi guys, where do I buy 5ep jeans?
hi guys, where do i Buy 5eps?
black label burger is not worth the trouble... who do you have to be to call in and not get "5 or 10:30," many weeks in advance. Pretty sure i showed up around 6:30 once and half the restaurant was empty, ridiculous. shake shack <3 Although I haven't had a burger there in forever, I always get a dog or a shroom...
hi guys, where do I buy 5ep
oh man, I've been going to the maiden lane goodburger and zaitzeff is like a block away from where I live. Gonna have to swing by, looks delicious
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