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Will PM you pics in a few days when I'm home. Dunno when im gonna wear a red coat...! In the meantime, please send me over a list of sweaters you're buying this winter and stockists. much love, A
its not current. its 80/20 wool nylon, not poly like the ones today. Had shitty wooden toggles but I replaced with horn ones, also the crappy red plastic buttons on the sleeve are now replaced with brown horn.
Mackintosh douglas, black Gloverall duffel, red PRL db overcoat (big lapels!), navy MTM cashmere herringbone chesterfield w/ velvet collar,(charcoal/black) Borrelli light gray flannels Borrelli dark red pants Domenico Vacca Khakis 3-4 epic sweaters and i'm done for the winter
Jeez, this is great.. My hank dyed nat indigo jeans I got around the same time still look raw. Quote: Originally Posted by whodini From the early 2000s blueline batch that was MIJ and designed by Godmother herself. Over four years and still going...
Copped a red Gloverall w/horn toggles. 80/20 wool nylon works for me
well im glad we're no longer discussing fanny packs. gj to whoever made this discussion about rioters with stolen RPGs
Slashing prices... Last price drop before ebay. Grab the PRL for 170 Shipped ($40 off last price!!!) Aquascutum for 120 Shipped Pics uploaded tonight if cam works.
Ok, really need to get these sold, so tomorrow night or so these will go on ebay with $.01 as the starting bid. Make me an offer and save yourself some time and money if you're interested! Will respond to all offers.
These will go to ebay soon at $.01 starting. Please make an offer if you are interested in either of the coats- I will reply to all pms.
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