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final rounds in 2 banks for summer analyst (accelerated)... Decisions due approximately this week. I get really jumpy anytime my blackberry gets an email, and this is all I can think about or even talk about these days. I WANT RECRUITMENT TO BE OVER. I need my life back.
will check BR. as a reseller of mabitex at daffy's, light grey flannel is fairly rare.. I wish the 32 uniqlo ones would work- am a size 34. Thanks for all the input guys- any more ideas?
Hai guys, crotch blow out on my borrellis, need replacement for this staple while camping B&S for the exact pair. Any ideas? Now lets save some time: Uniqlo- no, not current season J crew - no, over $60 Zara - not flannel etc., you might think this is a special flower threak but in reality i haven't been able to find the answer in the 20-30 minutes ive been looking online. Thanks.
everyone looks happier in the before pics
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 I don't see this being optimal unless there's little variety in your wardrobe and your pieces are mostly basic looking. With more distinctive pieces, hastily throwing on whatever without much thought often produces a mismatched look that many here would label "fashion victim"-- ironically similar to those whom spend too much effort trying to look good, but lack experience and skill. The later being what you're...
i used to layer and accessorize and color coordinate and shit, now I grab the first pair of pants, random sportcoat and unironed shirt shirt that doesnt smell that I see and step into whatever shoes have the trees out before i walk out this is probably better.
Buyer backed out. Aquascutum down to 110 shipped.
there are three shirts in my shop with the infamous Ed Morel collar. one is a red/white 1/16 repeat stripe one is a mid/blue 1/8" repeat stripe the last is a light blue cotton knit. they are quite beautiful they have that high long point collar that Ed Swears by. they are almost up for sale to the highest bidder. Only problem, they are in Ed's size. any takers?
aquascutum for 115
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