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Lol. A cab from where I live to midtown cuts 15-20 minutes off my commute for $37. So, let's say I cab it 30 times a month, thats rent. $1110. My commute to midtown/wall is 70 minutes by subway, cab is no better because of traffic. so I can room with someone at NYU for a 20 minute commute at 285 a week = $1140 Or I can get a single for 325 or 360 / week if I anticipate any sort of social life. = $1300-1440 source:...
That's something to consider. NYU dorms come out to about 30 more minutes of sleep a day for $50/day, I wonder if that's worth it.
been commuting from brooklyn! bay ridge, though. bit of a trek cant imagine summering in banking with this commute, it's already starting to kill me just for schoolwork and normal internships
Thankfully, my pay from the internship should cover costs (banking), but I'd like to save as much as possible. I figure I'll just get the face time in and will rarely see my apartment/dorm, so aside from location, amenities besides air conditioning don't add much value for me. Leaning towards NYU dorms unless someone more ambitious than me organizes an apartment split at this point. WSA, OTC, would they recommend staying in dorms if they had to do it again? I'm an...
^ sounds pretty good. 2 gold or 100 wall or something would be kinda fun, waiting to see who else has offers before I start thinking about splitting a space. I was thinking more along the lines of what websites to use for the search? Location is probably #1 criteria, but I'm pretty flexible on everything else.
I will be interning in New York this summer and I was wondering if anyone had good suggestions for housing. NYU Dorms are probably the most popular pick, but they are approximately 1400/month. My internship lasts 10 weeks and all I really care about is having a bed and accessible shower. Is Craigslist really my best bet? Ideally I'd be looking for a sublet that I could split with a roommate or 2 that comes out to under 1400/month. Other than that, the only other...
finance interviews, TaT Cego Hermes Lobb
i really am. suit pics. Will make slight adjustments for next suit.
Jason just made me a fairly conservative navy suit for finance interviews. I am 6'1 185, around a 40r, it looks pretty good. Carl from CEGO measured me. long story short, just accepted a bulge bracket IBD offer life is good, TaT is awesome.
received a call today; landed my bb IBD offer in an accelerated process no more recruitment worries!
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