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Best of luck!
I've been called with offers 2-3 hours after superdays before. Usually within 2-3 days at most
Not buy side advisory on deals; buy side as in PE, HFs, etc.,
Not sure if I'm shooting for a long career in banking or buy side exit ops after analyst years.
That's fantastic. I can't imagine how I would go about doing that. So for the rest of us... I realize that I can make the jump from analyst to associate without the MBA. However, at this stage I am leaning towards getting an MBA for the life experience and varied exit opps
Can anyone tell me which of these is more common for finance careers? I'm trying to figure out when I will be going back to grad school IBD Analyst -> MBA -> IBD Associate? IBD Analyst -> Associate -> MBA -> VP?
Quote: Originally Posted by kasper007 most likely not, although it's always best to check with one of the analyst / associate in your group just to be sure. Will do, won't know group placement for a few weeks though. Thanks!
Slightly off topic; Will be summering in banking, will I be wearing a tie every day as a summer? I have everything else , but need to buy ties if so.
pick a field you'd like to work in then choose a course of study and engineer your life until you are on a path to that career. Helps to focus on your destination, even though it can(will) change over time.
market neutral funds, merger arbitrage / event driven with correlations of under .5
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