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The best part about jomons was that I've since gotten them repaired at least 5 times at the soho shop, for free. The only other 45rpm item I own is a bandana.
2 years out from PE interviewing, thankfully - was interviewing for IB. I'm an undergrad and I landed an SA position at a bulge bracket. A lot of Stern alumni directed me to Damodaran's stuff when I asked them for interview help. Are you in the business, or from Stern? Just curious.
Quote: Originally Posted by JSC4President Not sure if any of you considered have Stern... but it is a great school. The new dean (Peter Henry) is making a lot of improvements, etc.. Seems like he is recruiting the top people from Stanford. I had this professor @ Stern. I believe he used to be dean of Stanford Business School and also Harvard (arts and sciences). He was an amazing professor! Roubini was also very...
At the time, $800 was a significant portion of my monthly income.
I own 45rpm Jomons, I don't regret the purchase as they are my only pair of indigo jeans and have been my only pair for the past 3 years; but, there was definitely buyers remorse early on.
This was the first pair of jeans I bought after coming to styleforum, way back That's TTS LDB, I would've sized down more.
I have copies of every interview guide for banking in existence, if you ever land an interview feel free to PM me and I'll forward them along. (you know, the ones that cost like 20-40$ to download a Pdf) it's a hustle, if you ever feel like you're not hustling to break into finance you are probably doing it wrong best of luck and keep us updated
assets under management
I don't know your situation, but I don't know why you would say any of those are out of the question. There are tons of boutiques and funds with small AUM's that could use ops/risk people. Cold email them, and make it clear to your HH that this is what you want. Alternatively, like I said, corp fin at an f500, cold email FA's at legit PWM shops and ask about openings, make friends with HR and recruitment at every bulge/middle market/boutique place you can find, reach...
Hmm, Maybe do PWM and try to climb the ladder; become an FA eventually, or maybe do risk/ops/trade support at a hedge fund or securities firm and try to network that into front office somehow. will probably require a higher degree to make the jump after you make associate. Do corpfin at an f500 or treasury/finance at any bank, get some relevant stuff on there
New Posts  All Forums: