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I have had no time for styleforum due to epic amounts of work and school. Jet, what are you copping so I can just jack your list?
*lurks time and location?
Anyone have pants in "Urban Slim"? Might blind order a pair of these in british khaki. fit pics?
when are the Rag and Bone sample sales happening? missed the june one.
2 great internship offers for the fall, life is good.
wtf collection is up... Delta Trench and shawl cable at 70 off- since i know they'll be ridiculous at MSRP. maybe the sweater with suede (elbow patches?).
slim surplus stuff describes it best... won't be buying anything. really miss the fw stuff 2-3 years ago. i'm sure there will be a sweater or 2 worth buying at 70 off.
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