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emerging yourself in the field?
Ill take the tie clip. Please PM me with details
Looking for recent hermes ties. Please PM pictures including tag and tie linings, and your asking price. Thanks!
Here's an interesting article re: difficulty of undergrad business programs, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I'm terrible at math and haven't had any trouble.
got a job from an sf affiliate as well through here. been flagged for on campus recruitment interviews from contacts i made (somewhat indirectly) here
Thanks. I was not aware that these positions generally pay all cash and not deferred. Is promotion after 3-4 years common, or is the progression slower?
Gonna dissent here, but my opinion doesn't matter because it was for undergrad. Still, this is styleforum so I am entitled to voice my opinion on everything and everything regardless. I had a choice between a fully funded program (actually, getting a stipend on top of full tuition) and my dream school with awesome career placement for my chosen field, with practically no funding. At the time, the yearly tuition was just about equal to my parent's yearly income. I...
rosenbaum pearl book is good. I lent a friend of mine my copy and she used it as her interview guide and landed her first choice, starting from absolutely no knowledge beyond general basics. heard good things about BIWS as well. I wish I had time to look at Damodaran's stuff. Heard it's really good.
I was considering my long term career options and I've been having trouble figuring out what the career progression is like for F500 Corp Dev. Assuming you've done 2 years as a banker out of school, what title/salary do you start out with when moving to F500 corp dev? How much of this is cash/deferred? Specifically for someone coming from this exact background, I guess I might do 2 years in this position before going back for an MBA. I'm also trying to figure out...
with a 7 shirt rotation i wouldnt do 3 white shirts. 2 should be fine no light pink, seriously. unless you want it to be a conversation starter, at least in the groups ive worked with ^i definitely miss the dual 27 inch apple monitors from my previous summers. Its hard to re adjust to excel on regular sized screens!
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