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Hi gents, Not sure if this should be in the Unfunded liabilities thread or if I should just ask Merino Brothers, but thought I would try the collective wisdom of the Hong Kong thread first. Heading over from Melbourne late October with the family for about 2 weeks in Hong Kong and will look to get something made whilst away and will probably try Dream Bespoke, or one of the other mid-tier options. I'll definitely be making a trip to The Armoury just to check out the store...
Thanks for the suggestions - that's really helpful, especially the "don't order a whole bunch straight away" suggestion, because my wishlist was getting a little out of control......... I'm emailing David now and will post my first purchases when they come through - can't wait!
Hi guys, long time lurker first time poster - recently got two fantastic Kent Wang ties, a grenadine and a pin dot, at the same time that I had my first MTM suit done with MJBale. The surprise to me was turning up to work and having compliments from everyone! Plus, for the first time ever I am becoming proud of what I'm wearing - which is a very nice bonus. However - now that I've seen what a difference this can make and I've seen the beautiful ties in this thread I want...
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