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Seems that it will just be sent to your inbox to be used on your next purchase.
Quote: Originally Posted by dunkin another limited 200 pc run of an already supposed limited bag?? what a sham! those damn scheming ugandans!! That's kind of how I feel too (not necessarily toward the Ugandans though). What's the point of numbering 200 LE bags, when you'll just put out another 200?
Quote: Originally Posted by mikey34 anyone else looking to sell their's? Unless you HAVE to have one of the original 200, if you check out the post above, it looks like they're doing 200 more (which, well...kind of dilutes the purpose of the first "limited" 200), shipping early December. A little more info here from earlier this week:
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol it looks dark navy to me lmao also if it rains or snows will it just soak through this thing? Hahah, oh man... The light kind of throws off the colors in the first couple pictures. I'd say the last ones are much more accurate. About the rain/snow...unfortunately, yes. It's a nice thick, soft bag, but it sure as hell isn't going to repel any kind of water.
The debate never ends Black. I posted some pictures on page 11, should help.
Good point guys - thanks! I suppose a nice slim sleeve should still be narrow enough to fit inside the bag.
Quote: Originally Posted by false How weather resistant are these? I'm thinking about getting one but won't any rainfall soak right through? Edit: Here seems as good as place as any, are these bags waxed? I might just go for a Filson 257/7 in Tan (sooo much cheaper) but does anybody know how easily they stain? Tan looks great but I'm leaning towards the Appolis in large part because it seems like dark wouldn't show stains as well. I...
Kind of cool to see what numbers people are getting. Not that the numbers really mean anything (they're not exactly proofs), but will be cool to see what other numbers are out there (including Top 10 #s).
Quote: Originally Posted by bwonger06 anyone know how to sharpen the second pencil or even if it is a pencil? Here you go:
Quote: Originally Posted by CasinoRoyale It IS black. Or were you joking? On a second (more thorough) look, you're totally right. I think some combination of all that talk about black vs blue earlier in this thread and the odd lighting in the room hours ago made me think there was some hint of blue in there.
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