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Does anyone know where I can find GalaabenD online besides zozo?
Yea i always thought the darts were purely aesthetic. Maybe they really aren't.
^ok thank you very much
Just a quick question: were there jackets that came with a lettered size (s,m,l), instead of a numbered one?
Not when it's sanforized.
I was at dior today and they had a light, plain and simple black bomber jacket in nylon or something. Really liked it. Can anybody recommend an alternative that won't cost me SGD3100?
I'd be in for a grey/blue eaton
Yea I do too. Those tees look rather good.
^ I don't think so. Loved them, tried to get some more starting a couple of months ago in store, and all they had were a few odd pieces. Looked like they weren't gonna make them anymore
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