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Most Etro is fused so it would be safe to assume so unless this was a MTM suit which I have heard can be full canvassed
Lauren by ralph lauren suit at retail for 500 dollars
Quote: Originally Posted by NH_Clark great looking setup. I'm not much into the LED bling.. but the graphics card seems rock solid. I'd rather see more RAM... maybe something like 8gb Corsair (I've had always good experiences with Corsair) oh.. and why the Home version and not Pro? can't go wrong with the 460, however, for 1200 dollars I'd be expecting I7 if not I7 second genration
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh +1 model number? Skagen 450LSLB Took me forever to find it. Only one store I could find selling it online
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh +1 model number? Closest I have seen so far (25 pages of google and the official website) is but I hate that style
Quote: Originally Posted by justinsmnz Non-NATO day. Dark grey pebble grain: Anyone have the link for this one?
Quote: Originally Posted by unbelragazzo On this suit, I assume by the label that it's just the cloth, not the manufacture, that is Zegna? The dark red label is the "Zegna Cloth" label. No matter how blurry its easy to tell because its the only label that looks like that. If they didn't provide a picture of the label you could still tell by the fact that they emphasize CLOTH by...
A quick search would tell you all you need and more about zegna lines. Quick Sum-up: Couture (Formerly Naopoli): Best zegna has to offer. Very rare to see a couture suits on the internet as they are very high quality as far as zegna is concerned. Amazing fabrics and lots of hand stitching. There is an article floating around where someone deconstructed a zegna couture suit. Mainline Zegna: Fully canvased. Considered good quality among most SF'ers. Generally accepted...
If you are referring to the 50 dollar pair then I would assume so as the sheet has it still.
Emailed you regarding #199. Great sale!
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