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Great purchase, really not that much more one can say about it.
American Spirit Periques are my poison of choice these days. Hard to find at time, but so tasty. Other than Nat's Havana Ovals, what are some other fuller cigarettes? I'd like to try some more styles.
Don't think I've ever seen those boots before, GS. Nice pair.
Despite my love for GS most days, I went with Sidney. For some reason, the transition from top to bottom on GS's outfit doesn't really work for me. I can't put my finger on it, but something just seems off.
I have a messanger bag that I got from a thrift store. It's J Crew, I have no idea when it's from (It's clearly been through some use before me, though). It' really nice though! I havn't seen anything like it in a J Crew for a while, however.
Meh, I find them really uninteresting. Moreso for the price.
Chris., you are pretty much a machine. Nice pick ups.
Seriously, I am onto those Tramezzas in a big way. Very nice pick up.
Those Jeans are pretty whack. I'd have to see them/feel them in person, I think. The Parka, on the other hand, I am behind in a major way.
Honestly, I tend to do the whole door holding thing for most people, since I am a notoriously quick walker. I get to the door first, so I open it, and hold it? If it's someone I don't know, I tend to just make sure they have plenty of time to reach the door. I'll go in first, though.
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