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Good for him, I have lost 40 lbs over the last 6 mos.. and am not finished. I have changed my life, found a new passion for all things mens style, and am passing this on to my kids. Looking good is not just material as you say.And after 60 lbs. I am sure you needed to get him a few more suits.. +1 for both..With much love to your skill, I can only envy you as I cant sew a suit myself.
Well, you say The confidence when you walk into a room just says,  look at me I look good .. this is assuming the gentlemen actually looks good. Because to be honest, a bespoke suit will not hide the fact that you are so out of shape, you need to take a breath to put your socks on, or you have no Idea how to style your hair, or if your smile looks like a train wreck. The truth of the matter is, a Bespoke suit is a piece of the man, so are the shoes, the socks, the haircut,...
Well, this is implying that a suit from this company would be a disaster.. again, with no business dealings with this company. We all know there is SPAM, we all know there are posters who truly need advice, but to pass judgment on a Company without trying them out seems to be a little odd. Maybe back in the days it was different, maybe there are a few company's out there who are looking to scam you out of money, but how about let the consumer decide for themselves.. For...
Well, Betty Blue may be BOT or a front. but I do the same thing.. I work mostly online and most clients are ok with that, so when there is a post from someone who has never purchased a suit from me explaining my process.. and detailing the quality of my suit without ever seeing one, I will sign up and respond,
Thanks Frank.. was a pleasure doing business with you.. @RedBird13.. JHD makes a great suit, from the opening price point to the Benchmade suit.. Not to take anything from T.A.T.. but they are two totally different styles.. JHD has a nice classic cut, and its made in the U.S, I use them for some of my clients.. If you want to P.M I can give you a little more details.. Regards
Glenfiddich 30 Absolute awesome Scotch - Neat
Quote: Originally Posted by stubloom I've received a number of private messages asking for information on Bespoke/MTM in Arizona. Here's my list... TRULY BESPOKE None QUASI-BESPOKE Artful Tailoring (Chandler) Zizzo Tailoring (Phoenix) MTM UPSCALE CLOTHING STORES Barneys (Scottsdale): Isaia, Barneys NY Moda Georgio (Biltmore): Ravazzolo, Moda Georgio Neiman Marcus (Scottsdale): Oxxford, Zegna, Isaia, Ricci, Armani, Behar Nordstrom...
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Good luck!!! Much appreciated.. I actually just recieved my response.. looking forward to advertiseing and getting the word out..
Quote: Originally Posted by Skanstull Why not pay for your advertising instead? I'm sure you'll find good customers here. I actually sent a request for ad info.. have not recieved anything back.. i am totaly willing to pay for ad space.. in the short time on here, i have noticed how great and informative everyone has been...
Quote: Originally Posted by Skanstull http://www.styleforum.net/announcement.php?f=5&a=25 Thanks for the info.. I am new to this forum and was not aware of the waiting period.. I will stop postingabout selling.. just give info..
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