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Have been trying to contact Ray as well. It seems he has stopped trading quite suddenly. Hoping he's doing okay.
It's the place where the model name/fit of the shoes are usually written. IIRC an oval shaped 'window' was on my MTO pair which I had my initials on.
How about contacting Harrison's instead and get the samples direct from them?
[[SPOILER]] I believe that design is available in the existing LM collection, but in the NR last? ( Guess the differences lie in the Olfe last being used here! I like it, just a little unsure if I'd prefer a plain toe over a punched toe
[[SPOILER]] Great stuff. Have actually been eyeing that fabric on DT as well, glad someone over here has got it. Hopefully will get to see some pics of it made up in due time! Just noticed your avatar is a swatch of another DT fabric. Lovely that too!
Would prefer the Carmina Adelaide, but in for the Adelaide regardless!
Been seeing a lot of British Ventile fabric being made up into macs. Touted to bebreathable and weatherproof. Have handled and tried on quite a few including this from SEH Kelly and am quite satisfied with the material, although I didn't purchase as I'm not in the market for a trench . Not sure if Ventile sells the cloth by the yard though! You can however check out the various colours available on their site.
I second johanm's opinion on the Keats. Would be too tough a cloth for trousering for me as well. Not sure if you've got the swatch, but these are the ones I've received previously. Hopefully helps with showing the true colours.
Have been eyeing the Carmina Adelaide for quite some time. Am in for the Plum Museum calf on the Adelaide model!
Yeah, a large bulk of the production is said to be done in China with the finishing in Spain.
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