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Navy, and beige, Fred Perry monkey jackets, with logo, were sold in the UK in Marks & Spencer in the early 80's.
I saw my first smartly turned out revival skinhead 25/8/78 when Sham 69 played at Reading festival. he was in Fred Perry shirt, Slazenger jumper, sta-press and loafers. This was a look I had only seen on Northern Soul fans prior to that, but worn with massive baggies and Sollatio shoes. Up until then all the revival skins around my way (and most I bumped into at Reading for that matter) seemed to be in jeans or jungle greens, braces and boots, there were a few in Fred...
I've been reading the deerstalker debate with great interest. I have two, one from a local shop that sells everything cheap, which was brand new for about a fiver, and is in various shades of gray/grey. Then another one in brighter colours from Arthur Shepherd of Cambridge, which cost much more, which has a suede tie lace on it. Love them both but have seldom worn them, not worried about the Sherlock connection, more the football hooligan association. See this video at the...
V neck jumpers with embroidered football club logos and motos were regularly sold in football club shops before they switched to the mass selling of replica shirts instead. I remember many lads wearing them instead of fred perry or slazenger jumpers late 70's, during the mod/skinhead revival, and prototype casual, era. I wonder if they were worn earlier?
Pitchside advert for Sexy Rexy shops in Rotherham and Sheffield. They knew where to find the target audience for their goods.
Wonder if these are the same Loake boots I keep seeing in certain branches of Debenhams?
I remember turn ups coming into the equation as well. So sta-press type trousers, with a flare, and a turn up. About 1973 I reckon, probably earlier in London.
I had a Munsingwear yellow V neck jumper in the early 80's with the penguin logo on it. Hard to find, think it came from a golf shop, so you could get it here. Think I bought it after seeing Weller in some Munsingwear . I remember going round Milan clothes shops near the railway station in 1982 trying to get a cheap Gabicci cardi, thinking they came from Italy and would be cheaper there. Got nothing but blank looks from the shop owners. Only found out years later they were...
Ipswich Town nip down the A12 to Chelmsford in 1973 : .No crops to be seen, but still some narrow leg trousers, denim jackets, Crombies, sheepskins and lots of Airwear.
I found this article on the Paraboot Michael
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