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Offshore oilfields, US Gulf of Mexico.
3mm neoprene wetsuit in the summer. 7mm in the winter. Hot water hose if I am lucky.
I am 6'6", 210 pounds. I recently purchased a MTM Samuelson suit at the advice of several forum members. I am very pleased with the fit and the apparent quality of the suit. I have struggled with suits for years, always ending up with something of inferior fit. The suit was based on the 42L pattern with adjustments made to the length of the jacket body. Once the suit arrived, it required only minimal alterations including sleeve length adjusted and waist taken in. Now I...
4 Miles with the fiancée. Glorious weather. Glad to see many other runners on this forum. Nice to meet you all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mac I'm 6'5 and wear a 44L in Chester Barrie. The overall length and sleeve length are perfect, whilst trousers come unhemmed. As for the OP, here are the headlines: - sleeves are too long - shoulder are too wide - inseam is too long It isn't a very flattering cut and it seems a bit of a fashion forward suit. Go for something of a more classic cut with wider lapels, straight pockets, then have it taken it at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by ktrp I'm a mere 6'3", but have a similar challenge to Mr. K. with regards to lapels and classic tailoring. I suspect the reason he's wearing that thin lapel fashion forwardy suit is that the fashion forward suits tend to be cut slimmer, while the more classic suits tend to be cut like boxes. I tried on a few jackets at BB the other day, not surprisingly the Fitzgerald - while still needing to be taken in - fit best...
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS It's difficult to find a suit that fits this well when you're 6' 6", as am I. So what's the brand? I'd like to try it on, myself. This one is Paul Smith. But I am not sure which line.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye There's a collar gap (very well might not be with a proper shirt on.) and the pants need hemmed, but I'd say it's alright. Personally I'd have not chosen thin lapels if I were such a thin guy. Cuffs are about 1/2'' too long, but it's hard to tell without a proper dress shirt on (see a trend here). It seems like alot of suits these days have thin lapels. After seeing examples of slightly wider lapels here, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Put on some shoes, but it looks like inseam is too long. Will do! I'll fold the pants up over some shoes next time. Thanks for the advice.
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