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Thanks for the advice. That's what I figured.
Is a one button suit okay? Or is that not in style? lol What kind of price would I be looking at for a bespoke suit? Or is that hard to answer? Also, I'm 6'3", 240lbs, and very lean. Would I have problems finding a suit at like Moore's because of my size/shape?
Never needed a suit so never read about them. Figured it's time I have one on hand. mimile , I think a couple of the tailors are apparently pretty good, but I have a feeling they may be a bit expensive.
I'm in Winnipeg Manitoba. There aren't a lot of Men stores here, but there are a few smaller tailor type men stores. I'm looking for a suit that I'd probably wear only once or twice a year. Thanks for the help so far. And thanks for the link to the other post.
What if I'm not looking for a traditional suit, but more of a trendy, brad pitt type look suit? Would I find these in a menswear store too?
I'm looking at getting a blazer, that I could wear with jeans for wearing out casually, and to the club. What should I be looking at? What do I wear underneath? Anyone know any pictures of styles off hand I could take a look at?
I've never bought a suit. How do you do it? Do you find something you like online then go to a local store and try and find something similar? Or do stores/tailors have so many choices you can find one when you get tehre?
Quote: Originally Posted by RedLantern Uhhh. There are safer ways to work your core/abs than arching your back while benching... If you're set on training both at the same time do some dumbell bench while balanced on a stability ball. rofl. Thank you.
How long did it take? **nvm seen in the other thread you said a year or so.
Better than the crap they sell at the stores.
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