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Perfect condition. Hidden placket, two pockets, removable belt, 100% cotton. Fits TTS. Measurements: S2S: 18 inches P2P: 19 inches Sleeve length: ~27 inches Length from bottom of front collar to hem: ~28 inches
interesting old RG coat from...goodwill?? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Robert-Geller-New-York-Black-Button-Down-Trench-Coat-Size-46-/311242942680?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item48778668d8
Any recommendations for Portland, OR? I'm probably moving up there in a few months. Also, anything I must do/eat in HK? I'll be traveling there at the end of Jan.
Size 2 (Medium) Black S2S: 19 inches P2P: 23 inches Length from bottom of back collar to hem: 26 inches Price is shipped in the US.
Size 46 SS10 Tons of cool detailing Price is shipped in the US.
Got this as a gift but unfortunately one size too small. One of my favorite EG pieces. Fits XS to a slim S. Difficult to measure but: S2S: 18 inches P2P: 20 inches Back bottom of collar to hem: 27 inches Price is shipped in the US.
Got this from another member; worn twice after. Only selling because the color doesn't fit my wardrobe. "2010 bomber in a seldom seen whiskey calf (I've never seen another whiskey calf toj bomber, and they later stopped doing bombers in calf). Worn with plenty of life left, no structural damage or rips to the leather etc. (honestly you'd have to try really hard to rip or put a hole in the calf leather) just some light pilling on the ribbing and regular wear." Comes with...
http://*****************/listings/32492-undercover-undercover-leather-shearling so.sweet.
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