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Been waiting for it
Any update on the samples?
Got a sz.44 black ribbed collar cwu45, and a black suede T1. Interested in anything sz. 45-46
That looks pretty amazing
sleeves are definitely too short, layering or not.
For sale: 1. Alden Burgundy Calfskin Tassel Mocassins sz. 8.5B $SOLD Thanks for looking! Please PM if you have any questions. All prices are stated in USD. I accept paypal. You can either gift or +4%.
For sale: 1. Alden Black Cordovan Norwegian Split Toes sz. 9B $200 shipped CONUS 2. Alden Burgundy Calfskin Norwegian Split Toes sz. 8.5C $120 shipped CONUS 3. Alden Burgundy Calfskin Tassel Mocassins sz. 8.5B $120 shipped CONUS 4. Nettleton Suede Wingtips(these are beautiful) sz.9C $150 shipped CONUS 5. Nettleton Walnut Wingtips sz.8.5B $150 shipped CONUS 6.(not pictured, ask for pictures) Florsheim Imperial Brown Double V-Cleat Longwings sz.9D $100 shipped...
There's one for sale at $350 in B&S
I don't remember that bag being in the collection..
That's basically what I'm doing. Polishing one black, keeping one grey, sanded one white one, and keeping one white.
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