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Went to the SF uniqlo pop up yesterday. No UU, just more of the same stuff from the flagship. More neat, and the second floor is now open.
Pants are fine, don't get big and make your pants look like sausage skin. But yes, judging from the picture, the sleeves are about an inch and a half too short.
What does a size 40-41 in MMM GATs translate to for the OG GATs? And do you have them in stock?
Worn 5 times after my purchase from another member. $sold shipped. OG thread http://www.styleforum.net/t/299197/flathead-bsp-sz-28-hemmed-to-30
I have a dark grey ToJ CM for trade, or maybe sale. Let me know what you have. I am looking for ToJs in a size 44or46. Maybe some other stuff, let me know what you have. shoulders, front 17.0" shoulders, back 17.0" chest (pit-to-pit) 18.6" midsection 17.2" waist 17.6" body length, front 19.6" body length, back 21.6" sleeve length, from shoulder 23.5" sleeve width @ pit 6.7" sleeve width @ elbow 5.9" sleeve width @ cuff 5.3"
I believe that the 2010DRs has changed sometime within these 6 or so months. The buckles appear to be lower, and the hem seems to be more of a straight cut opposed to the older 2010DRs. Old: http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=4701 New: http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=12800
http://www.fjallraven.us/p-55-knken-classic.aspx In forest green. Used for 3 weeks. Perfect condition with a bit of indigo(from jeans) on lower back. $45>35 shipped CONUS
^Thanks. But should I spray suede protectant/waterproofer on it? I've dealt with calf suede, but never lamb.
Any tips on conditioning/cleaning the suede T1?
I have a dark grey CM in 44 for trade.
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