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Just the replaceable half rubber half leather portion. I put heel taps on mine and they are holding up well. I've worn mine almost everyday for two weeks now.
They have, but all the side zips are gone. There are about six pairs of loafers left the last time I checked. All but one in bigger sizes and marked down to $99.
Looks a lot better a little worn in. Think I'm going to hold on to my second pair and keep it on reserve. [[SPOILER]]
Add some heel taps. Worked great for me. Preserves the heel as well.
KIller pose though.
For sale: Navy 100% wool margiela for h&m suit pants. Size 30. Made in Romania. Nice tapered cut with a small leg opening. $RETRACKED shipped CONUS. Gift, or +4%.
Still debating if I should join, but I'm looking forward to the pictures.
Didn't work for my h&m. They wouldn't honor the additional 20% on top of the already discounted items.I would go for a 41(8). If you get a 42(9), you can put some insoles in them and you'll be fine.
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