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Wondering the same, I would like to see a photo of a scuffed, beat up, repainted, etc. white side zip. I just grabbed a pair, and am debating if I should keep them.
gee, that is cheap. did you get it from the uk online store?
Brothersport. Cut the hair.
sz 44 black lamb ribbed collar cwu45p, black suede T1 for trade for sz45-46. Or let me know what you got.
The only issue mentioned so far is the rubber heel, that can be remedied by a $4 heel tap which also prolongs the overall life of the heel. It's still a pretty amazing deal considering the price of these side zips compared to the main lines imo.
If its the rubber part, refer to my older posts in this thread. Add those heel taps.
Nice. I might do that to my second pair. Show us how it looks after a few wears.
I have not. But I have wiped them down once or twice. Again, I highly suggest adding heel taps to the side zips. They will prevent the heel issue some are saying they are having, and will also prolong the life of the heel.Here's mine with about two weeks of wear. Got taps on the first day. [[SPOILER]]
I would like to see them polished black. I applied a tiny bit of saphir on the ankle, and the leather turned to a very, very dark grey. Pretty much black.
The brown pair is mainline.
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