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Didn't work for my h&m. They wouldn't honor the additional 20% on top of the already discounted items.I would go for a 41(8). If you get a 42(9), you can put some insoles in them and you'll be fine.
Camel H&MMM Double Breasted Coat in a size 38(Medium). 100% wool. Brand new with all tags. $200 shipped CONUS. Gift or +4%. Thanks for looking.
What the ****
For sale: Brand new Black H&MMM side zips in a size 41. $RETRACKED shipped CONUS, gift or +4%
Friends and family cards are often times sent out as emails or cards in the mail to customers(friends of the company). Not just directly to employees. Big department stores, such as H&M does this often.
Where can we find this F&F card? Besides knowing an employee.
Lucky its only the replaceable heel part. I've worn mine every day this week and its been holding up well. I did put taps on the heel though.
These new T1 pics are damn good. It is tempting me to wear mine, but it looks like there will be wind and heavy rain for the remainder of the week.
Got some of the black sidezips. Love em'. Feels pretty much like the mainline ones.
I use shoe goo on the heels of my MMM GATs.
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