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Dark grey
Worn about a dozen times. Will trade for other TOJs or this same jacket in a stock 46. Clearer stock pic: http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=11287 Measurements: shoulders 16" pit to pit 21" mid section 18.5" waist: 18.5" front 19.5" back 22.5" sleeve 23" Looking for $500>450 shipped CONUS.
Next up, LOL@Margiela for reproducing GATs for $400.
The black lamb from my DR and CWU feels, and looks different as well.
Looks good. Let me know when you're sick of it; I'll be here to buy.
That is a fantastic deal mate. It's my size too, geez. Looking forward to the fit pics.
How the heck did you find that incarnation for $400?
Whoa, complementary haribo gummy bears at the hotel? Nice
Looks a bit too snug/short
Been waiting for it
New Posts  All Forums: