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There's one for sale at $350 in B&S
I don't remember that bag being in the collection..
That's basically what I'm doing. Polishing one black, keeping one grey, sanded one white one, and keeping one white.
Ouch. I have actually worn mine on and off in the rain as well and they are fine.
I've worn mine almost daily for over a month with heel taps, and they are holding up great. The guy up there is probably referring the rubber part of his heel as his sole.
They got in more sizes in the San Francisco store?
The women's oxfords actually has MOP buttons, what the heck.
Wondering the same, I would like to see a photo of a scuffed, beat up, repainted, etc. white side zip. I just grabbed a pair, and am debating if I should keep them.
gee, that is cheap. did you get it from the uk online store?
Brothersport. Cut the hair.
New Posts  All Forums: