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What does "bump" mean? What specifically did I do or not do? Thanks
PM your email address and I'll send pics. Unfortunately, I haven't had any luck trying to post pics here. Thanks.
I have two wonderful polo coats for sale, both in mint condition. The first is a B. Altman, New York, NY camel with the following approximate measurements: Chest - 23" Shoulders - 19.5" Sleeves - 25.5" Length - 44" The second is an Orvis Herringbone Tweed with the following approximate measurements: Chest - 23.5 Shoulders - 20" Sleeves - 24.5" Length - 46" Both coats have the following required polo coat traits: Double Breasted Peak...
I have a pair of vintage russet boots that needs to be shined. Is there a company that makes a russet color shoe polish? If not, what can I use that will not change the color or leave a white coating. Thanks
So, if I want the shoes in black and plan to have a high shine military look to them, there doesn't appear to be a drawback to "polished leather," am I correct? (The polished leather is less expensive than calf). Also, would calf and polished leather be shined the same way or do I have to be concerned about the finish of the polished leather? Thanks again.
I've been looking to buy a pair of UK (Sanders) made chukka boots and I noticed some indicate that they are made of "polished leather." What is the difference between polished leather and calf? One of the styles I'm considering is called, "George." Thanks
I've emailed Baracuta UK last week and the week before asking a couple of questions concerning purchasing one of their products. They have not seen fit to reply ! After being a proud owner of approximately 7 of their G-9 Harringtons within the last 45 years, I'm amazed they would treat a loyal customer as they do. If they are not going to reply to emails then, they should not have "contact us" on their website. Anyone else have a problem with Baracuta UK ?
I do notice tassel loafers seem to be part of the "attorney uniform."
I want to replace the ripped lining on my Baracuta G-9 Harrington with the original type red Fraser tartan material. Does anybody know what the fabric is (wool, cotton, acetate, etc) and fabric weight? (Baracuta UK hasn't bothered to answer my inquiries). I need this information so I can search the internet for a vendor. Thanks !
No, there is only a 9 C available to me. Thanks
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