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That's a good deal.
But where's the fun in being average?
Heh..... bumping this thread because I'm searching as well. But I'm a 48" chest and a 32" waist. NOW WHAT?
Yeah I hear ya. The story is 100% true, though. I didn't even complain about the price. And when he showed me the other $210 price tag I say anything about that either. I didn't want to give them the impression that the money was the problem (because it wasn't), it was all their customer service.Oh I know what you mean. I had a good chuckle after I left the store at paying $210 for that work.
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but since I know a lot of you user B Nelson for shoe repair I figured it can't hurt here. Let me share my story: I live in NYC so B Nelson is local, and has been mentioned here many times before. I have never had to resole anything before. I rotate my shoes enough that over the years things have worn evenly throughout my lineup and nothing gets overused. Last week I finally decided it was time to resole a pair of...
How far are you from shoe mart?! I live about two miles away. Bad news. Lol
Dark green is A-OK with me!
From Richard: The colours available for Linings are; Red, Black, Natural, Dark Green, Dark Brown, Navy Blue, Electric Blue, and possibly limited time only, Orange. Red is probably the most popular choice. I also forgot one detail Matt. Binding, fitted to the edges of the Facings? I might suggest Black to run with the commando Sole in Black. There are no Red Options for Binding, only Tan, Brown White, Navy Black etc. Thoughts??
In a cap toe, we may want to take Richards advice and choose the 4497. He chose that and I pasted it into the forum. I think with a 4444 it may appear too wide and a little "clown shoe" looking. mmmbbb is that alright? I will email richard right now and see about the lining options.
Yes but then you have what everyone else does.
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