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Quote: Originally Posted by db_ggmm The model isn't just thin - he's thin and azn FLAT. I'm offended. My titties are not flat.
Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 The model (I think its Sidneylo), what size is he wearing? Also, what size did he wear in the SExDBxS09 jean? Size 28. It's a mid-rise pant, but the material is so soft and forgiving that it really wasn't a problem for me to put them on. I don't remember what size I wore for the SExDBxS jean product shot—they were worn with a more relaxed look, so I definitely wouldn't gauge it based on the size I wore for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Thanks Kiya and Ash, ordered a 38 in the blue one. Cheers Now that I've got a vintage Wrangler and this FlatHead on the way my flannel selection is getting better. I must say I usually prefer the ones with long hems for a sloppier look but one exception won't hurt. Wait, you know Flat Head ain't by Margiela, right?
Streetwear Wednesdays DQM North Face Supreme 19th Eternal 811 Bape
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 what shirt is that in the first picture? It's a Flat Head black chambray (sun bleached for over a year).
Quote: Originally Posted by wheelsx45 Will the jean SEXFH05 ever be produced again? Or are they permanently out of print? Collaborations are, for the most part, single runs.
Your hunger is insatiable.
Give this kid a break, he's just hella poor. I'll cop him some Iron Hearts so he'll stop complaining.
Those will be the measurement of your jeans when they arrive at your door.
You guys cook your food? Raw meat. Always. Off the bone of a freshly killed animal, of course.
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