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oh fuck off, you twink. Handle it with grace, like shoreman do you even realize I wasn't the one to start it in either thread? Quote: Originally Posted by robbie I kept telling him he could sit at our table, I don't think he could hear me through his galifanakis stache though. Was he just coincidentally there? Or was that all planned? Hella voyeur.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Stay classy, Kent Money. zissou, that bike is pretty cool. You should get an old school openface helmet to compliment the steeze during the warmer months.
Why is it only the super twinks and the overweight, I mean big-boned, that want to hate on working out? I have an idea...
chrono, try Farfetch. That's where I got all my OCs and they got them from the $130-$160 range.
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense kent, you are a genius ftfy
thought that one was more flattering..
WTF, is that XChen on the right?!?
Yup, N&F slevege chinis The movado watch has a shiny thing at the 12 o'clock, but not diamonds. I'm not baller like jet, remember? It's probably snot...haha, I've been a little congested lately. Or now that I think about it, it was raining outside...
that would look tight doing some taekwondo.
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