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Does anyone have a recommendation for a second anniversary gift for my wife? Traditionalists that we are, i'm in the market for something cotton. Any ideas/NYC purchase locations would be much appreciated. Thanks! Dan
Does anyone know the connection between Breitling and Britix? Saw this watch on ebay and thought it looked pretty sharp, but i'm not sure what I would be getting. Any thoughts/opinions? Thanks DPD watch
On the topic of UK mailorder, can anyone comment on the quality of Coles shirts?
Thanks for the responses. I think i'll go with the Shoe Service Plus option. The idea of me with a lighter, knife and some polish hunched over a shoe frightens me. DPD
I managed to inflict a quarter-inch gouge in the toe of my couple-month-old grensons, the result of too-long legs and too-small cab backseats. The cut is not very deep, but I can see the non-black of the leather. Any advice on how to repair? I'm in NYC if anyone knows of a cobbler particularly adept at this sort of thing.
I'm in the market for a used car and am investigating the various online avenues (,, etc.). Suppose I buy a car from a private seller (as opposed to a dealer), how exactly do I get it home? I live in Manhattan and haven't owned a car for about 12 years, so I have neither insurance nor plates from another vehicle. Does anyone know the procedure for this? Since everyone on this board seems to be ebay-crazy, has anyone ever taken the plunge and bought...
Thanks, Buster.
What are the dates for this year's sale? For some reason I haven't receieved a postcard. DPD
I've wanted to order a shirt from H&K to check out the quality and fit, but the 20 pound shipping charge to the U.S. just seems excessive to me. Am I the only one who finds this prohibitive?
[quote]Tell me more about your experience with their sizing charts. On the US site, in the pull down menus next to each shoe, the sizes are, apparently, US sizes. Were the shoes you ended up with true to size? For example, if you generally wear a US10.5, did their 10.5 fit you? The erskine derby seemed larger than indicated. I typically wear a US12, but ended up with a US11 in this shoe. The operator at Shipton was pretty helpful in the size-decision process.
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