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A store near my apartment sells vintage Rolexes and there is a Stainless Datejust that I've had my eye on. Assuming it was in great condition, what range of prices would be fair? It's a 1977 model.
Quick question: I have a business casual meeting later today but I stayed over at someone elses place last night and don't have my full wardrobe available to me. Is a medium grey sportcoat, light blue button down, and khaki chinos a coherent combination? Or am I going to need to head back to my apt?
Quick question: I finally got my first pair of AE's in the mail yesterday, a pair of black Park Avenues. I've read multiple places that the best polish to use on them is the AE black polish, but I was wondering if my black Kiwi polish would suffice. I used it for my five years in the Navy and never had any problems, but I wanted to hear some opinions before I start slathering it on. Thanks!
I own a navy blazer with brass (or at least brass colored) buttons. I would consider my office to be cbd, especially among employees at my level. Should I replace the buttons? Also, since I own a navy blazer, what are some good choices for another odd jacket.
So I've been building my business wardrobe and I think my next logical step is to purchase an "odd" jacket that I can wear on casual fridays and the like. Can anyone give me some examples of an odd jacket that is a good foundational piece for a beginning business wardrobe, something that is very flexible and can be worn with many outfits?
You're right, 218, and I happen to have a $75 amazon credit sitting around doing nothing so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Can't wait for my 1st pair of AE's!
Black Park Aves are on sale at amazon for 268 in my size. Is this as good of a sale anyone has seen for new Park Aves, or can I do better?
Joseph A Bank has a doorbuster sale today on their merino wool topcoats for $99. Are they worth it? I've definitely been in the market for one and the price is ridiculous.
Long time lurker here trying to learn from you guys on this forum. How am I doing? I picked up the suit at a "higher end" thrift store for $50. Its a DKNY suit which i'm sure is fused construction but it was cheap and I thought it fit pretty well. Is it worth paying for the alterations for it? The tie was picked up at a PRL outlet for $29 and the shirt was bought in a Charles Tyrwhitt 4 for 199 sale, but I had a groupon there so it ended up being 4 for $150. Shoes are Cole...
Thank you for the feedback. Would you really wear a dark blue tie with a navy suit? (Maybe you can't tell it's navy in the picture). Also in general does it look like the jacket fits correctly? Also the interview went quite well so hopefully I get the offer!
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