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Ha! Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias as intellectuals. Anyway, the answer is Wolfgang Schivelbusch. Or Larry Summers.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I think there are two points, really. Second, I would suggest that anybody claiming to be smart enough to actually know what is going on at any one of these big banks is too insane to listen to. They are very complicated, so while you can give flippant answers to inane questions, it is pretty damn hard to go much further than that. At least that is my opinion. Well, it's not too hard to figure where the...
If they're as new as they appear, I think you did pretty well.
A 12-inch drop? That's gotta be three sigmas, no? Hard to believe that there's anywhere close to enough money that far out on the tails.
Bah. In a state of undress because that method unquestionably removes one source of variability from the process of tracking my weight.
I wear Calvin Kleins. I have an 8-inch drop and they are a bit loose on the bottom. I find them exceedingly comfortable. Anyway they aren't $70. I buy them in three-packs.
Sorry. I was sloppy. I will correct the post.
Out with the old, in with the, erm, recession. Though the brands are humble, all shirts are genuine. I was the only owner, and each is stain-free and shows little or no wear-- having lain on my shoulders about ten times each. The shirts have always been professionally laundered (by a good cleaner), never starched, and spend their off hours in a smoke free home. They will be shipped to you clean but I suck at packing so they may get wrinkled in the mail. I will provide...
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo Eating less is not the solution. Eat smaller portions but more times/day will keep your metabolism high. Is there any evidence for this in anything remotely resembling a peer-reviewed journal?
Sold. Oh, bugger, sorry. If someone wants to tell me how to edit the first post so "Sold" is in the title, well, that would be nice.
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