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Quote: Originally Posted by msza Anyone have any clever ways of covering up stitched-in branding? Covering up a pony on a RL hoodie, for example. Seems like a longshot, but you all seem like a creative bunch! Yeah-- this! I could spend a bunch at the Polo outlet if it weren't for that damned horse.
I may be wrong (and I'm just an asshole on the internet) but I bet that if you lose some fat you'll be surprised to discover that you're not really of "medium" build. Your bones look rather slight.
Budweiser. I spent the bulk of my twenties drinking cooler-than-thou microbrews but as I have grown older and richer, I've come to realize that nothing is as genuine or delicious as The King of Beers®.
Can someone recommend me a DL routine? 1. I weigh 195. 2. My 1RM is about 370 (I can go higher if I am allowed to get sloppy with the lower back). 3. I've been doing some sort of 3x5 but the volume fatigues me a bit too much and it hurts the rest of the workout. 3b. A heavy set of five makes me want to puke. That's good, right? 4. I am way overfat.
My anecdata shows that a fatty breakfast is the best fuel for a midmorning workout. Try sausage and eggs with a cuppa coffee.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles How can we be sure your last sentence was a question? I Loled. I never Lol. Now I have to explain to my wife why I loled.
Quote: Originally Posted by bobdobalina Hmm. narrow grip and obsess about the elbows. Got it. Will report back on Wednesday if I remember. Nope. Not enough. I must be terribly inflexible. Either that or I just suck at everything. Will try the dislocations for starters, I guess.
Hmm. narrow grip and obsess about the elbows. Got it. Will report back on Wednesday if I remember.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock You're saying the bar is actually sliding off? I dont think Ive ever seen such a thing, and cant see how it's possible unless you're somehow able to hyper-extend/rotate your shoulders. Precisely. It falls because there's nothing to hold it up. My grip is weak in that position, my thumb isn't supporting the bar, and it slips down to about wrist level. Then I freak out; I bet it's pretty scary with...
Quote: Originally Posted by union1411 have you even read the book (Starting Strength)?? apparently not, which makes me wonder why i'm even responding to your post rather than just recommending the book and staying quiet. to attempt to low bar squat without understanding what's correct form and setup is a futile journey. squats - according to just about anyone that lifts seriously and has a clue - are probably the single best weightlifting exercise that...
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