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Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas RONG RONG RONG RONG RONG: BANANAPHONE!
You seem uniquely qualified to help me decide on a color palette for my back hair.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason To look at a picture like that and say you can tell I've been to a gym is absurd, especially since that is the physique I train for. I wouldn't think it's necessary to take shirtless pictures and quote numbers, but nobody has ever said such a ridiculous thing. Goddammit, I don't know what it is about your face, but I wanna deliver a fist right in your suckhole. I don't even read what you're writing, because...
Quote: Originally Posted by hboogz By land value tax, do you mean your property taxes are directly tied to the perceived value of your land/property ? Mostly. Taxing labor and capital while not taxing land is both unjust and inefficient-- and it's something that leftists and rightists could agree on if they opened their minds.
1. Parisianish sidewalk cafes. 2. Sensible local government. 3. Housing supply (Not "affordable housing", just more housing) 4. A Land Value Tax 5. An east-west subway somewhere north of the 60s. 6. A wholesale cleanout of the MTA's ranks-- from janitors to upper management.
Depreciation is a term used in accounting, economics and finance to spread the cost of an asset over the span of several years. To deprecate is to express disapproval of or deplore. To deprecate also means to depreciate, but let's try to use the tighter definition.
Quote: Originally Posted by UndisclosedDesires Interesting. Shouldn't expect the quality or style to be that alluring then, huh... It's weird-- The factory store thermals are better (I prefer them-- they're not really "better") than the regular store thermals. Meanwhile, the large broken-in tees from the regular stores are too small, and the large broken-in tees from the factory stores are too big. I just can't win. So just know that...
Nothing too fancy. Just free weights. I can feel myself getting fatter just by being here.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn You guys on the right better figure out a way before someone on the left implements theirs, that wouldn't be fair to anyone, rich or poor. I wonder why an LVT doesn't get traction with the right.
"A movie about an obese Harlem girl raped and impregnated by her abusive father" SRSLY?
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