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Depreciation is a term used in accounting, economics and finance to spread the cost of an asset over the span of several years. To deprecate is to express disapproval of or deplore. To deprecate also means to depreciate, but let's try to use the tighter definition.
Quote: Originally Posted by UndisclosedDesires Interesting. Shouldn't expect the quality or style to be that alluring then, huh... It's weird-- The factory store thermals are better (I prefer them-- they're not really "better") than the regular store thermals. Meanwhile, the large broken-in tees from the regular stores are too small, and the large broken-in tees from the factory stores are too big. I just can't win. So just know that...
Nothing too fancy. Just free weights. I can feel myself getting fatter just by being here.
"A movie about an obese Harlem girl raped and impregnated by her abusive father" SRSLY?
If you're under 30 and you can make it work, you're a damned fool if you choose not to. France is one of the greatest countries in the world, and (at certain levels of income) the bang for the buck is fantastic. PS I am a hard-core right-winger and I still feel this way.
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 Haha ok buddy. I measure out 24.5" thighs right now...with veins and striations. but yeah..my chicken legs have trouble pushing that 800 lbs on leg press sometimes. I have a tiny waist and my v taper is great...Seriously bro, just think before you post. You're boasting about your leg press?
Quote: Originally Posted by stickshift Up the intensity. Give it 110% effort. Also use the strictest form possible and put your mind in the muscle. I recommend letting your form suffer, but under no circumstances should you give anything less than 125% effort. Even if that means you have to put some effort on your credit cards.
Measures 3" slimmer through the chest, 1" slimmer through the waist and 2 3/4" slimmer through the seat than our Slim fit. Higher arm holes and narrower sleeves complement the trimmer silhouette. Interesting-- it's truly a "slim fit" rather than an "athletic fit", as they reduce the chest 2" more than they reduce the waist. I'm still pretty fat but it would look ridiculous on me; the chest would be skintight but the shirt would still blouse over my belt.
1. 50 Cent and I were the only two people working out at my gym (about three weeks ago). 2. I sat next to Meadow Soprano on a flight to Toronto. 3. Former MTV VJ Duff was trick-or-treating yesterday in my friend's building.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman FTFY. I didn't drink beer for nearly ten years after reaching legal drinking age for having tasted Budweiser in my youth -- but wine, scotch, bourbon and gin suffered no similar fate. Bud is truly is a travesty that sucks life and ability to appreciate existence out of people while making them fat. ~ H In Praise of Budweiser (contains extended footnotes)
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