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It took me a while to search past posts before I realized that Marty M owns his own shop, and that the whole Hubert White bit was a bit of a tease. And then I remembered what a dick the Hubert White salesguy was to me when I lived in Minneapolis! Man. I couldn't have afforded to be a good customer, but I would have bought something. Instead, salesguy managed to turn an eager would-be buyer into someone who who goes out of his way to complain about his shop an entire five...
Well, you should use the search function, but I'll take a stab: 1. You should buy the best suit that you can reasonably afford. 2. Because you'll be in Manhattan, and this is a job interview, you should stick to basics. 3. On the other hand, for a systems administrator job, as long as you tuck your shirt in, match your shoes and your belt, avoid Jerry Garcia ties, and don't carry your blackberry in a holster, you'll look better than any other interview...
Anyone notice the article (subscriber only) in today's WSJ by some dude named Antongiavanni? http://online.wsj.com/article/SB119820646382444181.html
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel All the mens stuff will be on sale as of Saturday, 1st floor on up. What kind of markdowns does one typically see on the Stuart's Choice suits at one of these sales?
They just sent me a suit that looked nothing like the picture, and came with prehemmed pants and prechalked arms. It's the downside to their return policy
This is going back to STP unless one of the kindly folks here wants it. The suit is a single-breasted, 2-button, grey (with blue and grey stripes) Isaia suit. The model is Scott A. The pants have two pleats (per side). This suit being sold to me must be the result of STP's generous return policy-- the pants have been hemmed but not cuffed. I am 6'1" and the length is fine on me. I can measure for you if I have to. The sleeve buttons have not been attached, but...
The Oxxford flagship has about 20 suits @50% off, and 20 more @30% off. Some of the fabrics are even completely banker-acceptable, including a beautiful charcoal with light grey pinstripes in a 46 (US). Maybe they always have those sale racks, but it's the first time I've ever noticed.
I've read the whole thread, but I haven't read enough to come to a decision on my issue, which follows: I have no fewer than twenty dress shirts that need to come in a good deal through the body. My neck is still 16.5, but my chest has gone from 47" to 45", while my waist has gone from 42" to 35". (Following Art De Vany's Evolutionary Fitness, in case you care) I look like a clown in damn near every shirt I own. Reselling and replacing my current wardrobe is not a...
I am wearing a pair of shoes from Kendericks right now. They came on-site to my business school, and delivered what they promised. Recommended.
The pants are going back, thanks. And "yoke" is the word that I am (clearly) misusing to refer to the distance between the top of the waist and the bottom of the crotch.
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