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I set a PR by benching 240 lbs today. My left arm is still shy of 14 inches at its widest point. WTF?
Anyone attend the Ralph Lauren Home sale? Stood motionless in line for 20 minutes and decided not to miss my lunch date.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Why the hell would anyone want to go to NYU's business school Best case scenario, you will be managing some other NYU student's art gallery. I didn't even know that NYU had a B-school. /CBS grad
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara It is the biggest city in Ohio. But only the third-largest MSA.
Lame, boring, affordable.
Quote: Originally Posted by Foxtrot56 If you believe this you should look into SIX SECRET AND EASY TIPS TO LOSING BELLY FAT IN WEEKS!!! I lose belly fat by following one simple rule!
Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc Yes all over Manhattan. I just looked at a $2495/mo 1Br APT. next to the PJs...They're probably paying $800/mo That's what I hate most about this place-- busting my ass for 80 hours a week and living right next door to poor people in my market rate apartment. After you take all the taxes and student loan payments out, I'm barely living any better than the public housing tenants.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung Edit - Fuck it. I'm going to go on now. Server: irc.austnet.org Port: 6667 Channel: #stylofora And I'm just going to sit here all day by myself. I'm here by myself. Do kids not use IRC anymore these days?
Fancy Sauce.
Say you've got a program that you've stuck with, that works for you, and that you enjoy. You're in the middle of a progression (not in any kind of deloading phase) and you realize toward the end of a workout that you have a lot more to give. Do you stay true to the program, or do you throw it out the window and do all the work you can?
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