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Because I am incapable of thinking for myself:
Quote: Originally Posted by cchen not the same You sure about that? "Shelly and Renee" have pimped each of the last three sales. The Isaia sale a year ago was pretty sweet (not that cheap but plenty of wardrobe staples were available and a nearly-solid blue Isaia suit at $800 or so is a good deal IMO). Then six months later (or six months ago, depending on your attitude toward the language) they had another Isaia sample sale which to my eye...
Except for the flurry a month ago this thread has been pretty quiet for a long time. I would appreciate any updates as I have been mildly disappointed with Cardelino (nothing criminal or irreversible, more like too many trips to get it just right) and I have already burned through two other tailors.
Allen Carr + Chantix. Pack a day for 15 years, now zero. Still crave like mad but them's the breaks.
If you want to look smart, talk about "buying cable" or "selling cable".
Given the wear and tear that the corner by the drawer will probably take, I'd use a rabbet joint.
I set a PR by benching 240 lbs today. My left arm is still shy of 14 inches at its widest point. WTF?
Anyone attend the Ralph Lauren Home sale? Stood motionless in line for 20 minutes and decided not to miss my lunch date.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Why the hell would anyone want to go to NYU's business school Best case scenario, you will be managing some other NYU student's art gallery. I didn't even know that NYU had a B-school. /CBS grad
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara It is the biggest city in Ohio. But only the third-largest MSA.
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