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Price dropped again. Will entertain reasonable offers if this cut doesn't get traction.
Price cut.
Quote: Originally Posted by remo72tg Beautilful shirt..Could you tell us where u purchased it. Thanks. I can't speak for Tomasso, but the shirt is a dead ringer for one I picked up from Paul Stuart. (Cooper model, different color)
NWT Sartoria Partenopea super 130's in 54R Euro. 3B, roll 2, dual vents. Pants are double pleat. Tags still on, basting thread on shoulders, sleeves and vents. Sleeve buttons and thread in the little bag. Fantastic feel to lightweight fabric in a interesting charcoal -- from 3 feet its straight charcoal but up closer there are very, very faint hints of lighter gray threads - not a pindot, not a heather but way more subtle. I bought this from a fellow SFer (and...
Hrm. Pre-cut buttonholes on a suit that I can't try on? I'd pass, but what do I know?
If 100% cotton is a strict requirement, I can't help you. Otherwise, I find Softop socks (65% Cotton, 35% Polyamide) to be the most comfortable (not stylish, but I opt for plain black for work) socks for my size 14 feet. You can find them on the web, and at finer big and tall men's stores.
PM sent.
By "considerably too big", I guess I mean that they're pretty roomy. Nothing like a Barba, for example, which is a shirt that is so small that I absolutely cannot wear it.
No. I have a 16" neck, a 43" chest, and a 35" waist, and they're considerably too big.
PM sent
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