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Never seen it in person, but via WWW I'd call it "hideous."
I know that this is the "Men's Clothing" forum, so I deserve whatever ridicule I get. That said, it's about time to turn the little lady into Mrs. Dobalina. She has the dress, and it needs to be altered. We have no idea where to take it. Any recommendations?
Quote: Originally Posted by slycedbred Lol, at 90% off we can talk... Yeah. I hate to pile on, but I'd buy either of those morning coats for an additional 50% off. No worse though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorian My Dad's used a Dunhill 'man-purse' for decades. It's leather, about the size of a hardcover novel. Inelegant, but he has no bulges in his pockets, and his suits hang nicely. That sounds pretty awesome. If you ever get around to taking a picture, I'd love to see it.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley A joke in what sense? Several forum members like 2 inch cuffs on their pants (I'm contemplating doing this with my next suit). A valid and stylistic suggestion. Shoes in a museum color is likely referring to JLs, obviously out-of-reach price wise for the OP. I guess that could be the joke, but still a great suggestion nonetheless. Everyone should have his own sense of style that is sometimes about...
I no longer go into that Filene's, as they never have anything worth a damn, Also, they usually have cheap fused suits made from Zegna cloth in the store, passing them off as "Ermenegildo Zegna Suits". I once discussed this with the menswear manager who "used to be a buyer" and he tried to assure me that "these are indeed Zegna suits. Just look at the internal label"-- which looked nothing like the label on the three Zegna suits I own.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 I would do beefy 2 inch cuffs & get some killer shoes in a museum brown. FYI, vacuum ball dude, this post is very probably a joke.
What's a sensible 33 year old to do for a pair of nice jeans? Criteria: 1. Nothing that requires substantially more care than one would give to any other garment. 2. Look appropriate for a man of my age. 3. Less than, say, $300. 4. Trim, but in good taste. Nothing to reduce my sperm count. 5. Make my (relatively) fit body look good. Thanks. I am in Manhattan
Hey, Andy, what size are you?
Ever been to Federal Hill in Providence? I'm far too lowbrow to credibly argue about what's more "authentic," but I've gone 5/5 in Federal Hill, while batting about .250 in New York, and .000 in Boston. The food there is just, erm, better, in my experience. Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 There is more "real Italian" food in NYC than anywhere else outside of Italy. It's probably the most concentrated Italian diaspora in the world. I don't know...
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