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Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Interesting... They still make the Paul Stuart SC suits, right? No longer, according to my PS salesman (but take it with a grain of salt, as he is weird).
Can the prize be transferred in person (you and the buyer) at 611 5th Avenue 10022?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cordovan I don't believe I saw them mentioned here. Yesterday I passed by a tailor on I think 23rd and Broadway (or maybe it was 5th). I didn't see a name on their door or awning. Has anyone heard of them/ used them? Cordovan I think you're speaking of Cardelino.
To be fair, I couldn't tell a "good" shirt from a "great" shirt but as far as I can tell, CEGO is quite good. The shirts fit me perfectly and they have thus far survived quite a few launderings.
Quote: Originally Posted by bkrex Dynasty Tailor on 38th btw 5th and madison. expensive, but worth it. I bought a couple of barney's brand suits for a bit over 200 each, and spent almost as mush to tailor (waist and cuffs, narrowed sleeves and tapered the body), but the suits now look like they were made for me. I suggest being very, very careful with Dynasty Tailors. They (clearly) use multiple tailors and can be very hit or miss. After being...
Yes, it is. And if you listed an email in your profile, I'd be able to reach you.
They had two racks of sportcoats. I believe they were $450, but I may be mistaken.
Quote: Originally Posted by jc138 Where is the Isaia sale? thanks! Erm, here
At the Isaia sale, suits were $850. Shirts were $150. I didn't care about anything else. About 6-15 suits per size were available, in pretty much everything except solid navy or solid charcoal. There was a decent selection of subtle pinstripes and almost-work-friendly plaids. I walked out with two suits. Pretty stoked.
I go to Gravity at LPM. Pros: Very rarely a wait for anything Clean lockerroom, decent showers The Burger Joint on the first floor of the hotel (for your bulking phases) Hammer Strength plate-loaded everything (in case you're badass enough to have obsoleted most cable-style pull machines) Cons: A bit pricey Some of the regulars are smelly and creepy (presumably they inherited neighborhood apartments) No eye candy The Burger Joint on the first floor of the hotel (for your...
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