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Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay I never feel free to browse in Hermes. Although they are very polite and helpful, they cling to me. My experience there is similar to Paul Stuart where they're also very clingy. Heh. As an occasional Paul Stuart shopper, I suspect that you're not imagining things.
Quote: Originally Posted by feynmix any recommendations for a bag to carry 2 laptops? Hate to do it, but I gotta keep work and college stuff on different computers. I recommend using one computer with two hard drives.
Quote: Originally Posted by warmpi when you were trying to break in, did you have just the exams or the full charter? The whole kit and caboodle.
It's not as difficult as a lot of people claim, IMO. Anyway, as to whether it's worth it, well, I went through the exams (and paid the greenmail to AIMR, err, CFAI) to break into the buy side. It didn't work. So then I entered a top MBA program, which is what it eventually took for me to get my foot in the door. I can't tell you whether the CFA helped me get into the selective MBA program (the grades sure didn't but the GMAT must have helped), and I can't tell you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bhowie Nice sig on the op. FML material, anyone? Heh. When I see all of those adjectives, indeed I think of Perth-- Australia's most cosmopolitan city!
I just now saw this thread. I'm between a 12 and a 13, with a narrow heel and a slightly narrow forefoot. Think these 12s will work?
Is your walk exercise focused? Sort of. I'll walk through the park, doing dips and chinups at the series of kids' playgrounds, on my way to work on a weekend afternoon, for example. The fact that you wear a navy top shouldn't prevent you from wearing jeans though. I'm a bit confused by that. Too much blue. Blue on blue looks kind of stupid to me, especially when the blues are close. This is a top that should be matched with track pants. Wear those and forget...
I guess someone asked this question almost five years ago, but surely this place is smarter and cooler nowadays. Anyway, I frequently find myself going out for lengthy walks wherein mild exercise sometimes occurs, thus prohibiting the use of traditional (or "nice") wool pants. And sometimes I wear a navy top, making jeans a no-no. Traditional khakis are out, as I live in Manhattan, and I don't work tech support. Cargo pants are out, as it is no longer 2002. Corduroy...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Interesting... They still make the Paul Stuart SC suits, right? No longer, according to my PS salesman (but take it with a grain of salt, as he is weird).
Can the prize be transferred in person (you and the buyer) at 611 5th Avenue 10022?
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