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Sold. Oh, bugger, sorry. If someone wants to tell me how to edit the first post so "Sold" is in the title, well, that would be nice.
Thanks for the measured response. 1. I'm 34, and probably a bit below 20%-- no access to fancy measurement equipment. 2. I've been lifting 2x/week pretty regularly for about 3 years (with a few intermissions). Workouts are not fancy--largely some combination of squat/bench/dead/military/chins/dips/pullups. 3. I'm at or just short of intermediate level on all exercises here. 4. In terms of quality, my diet isn't bad to begin with (Well, maybe it is-- it's just a softcore...
Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah About a year. Slow, gradual... but healthy and not too painful. Think lifestyle change rather than diet. It shouldn't feel like a sacrifice... it will at first, but as time goes on you realize you never needed all the crap you were eating before and can be quite happy without it. So, if you just don't buy snacks and junk food at all, you won't miss it much. That's 5 oz/week, or a deficit of 150 kcal/d--...
This thread has been interesting to me. I knew that it was/is widely accepted that gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time (or, more properly, without cycling) is impossible for all but the most out-of-shape persons, but the vehemence of some of the posts has taken me by surprise. So, wizened ones, assuming clean (but not perfect) diet, and 3x/weekly workouts, what do you think a target weekly weight loss (or caloric deficit-- I can do maths) is for a 200 lb male...
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex Started first round with 65, ended last round with 85. Just barely got out alive. My conditioning has a ways to go... I'm not sure that I could do that with only the bar-- even if the muscles were willing I'm not sure the pipes would be. Is the woman doing it with 225 at the end? egads.
STP is so frustrating. Here's a "Navy" suit that's available only in "Black": http://www.sierratradingpost.com/p/,...r-For-Men.html And here's a "Grey" suit that's available only in "Black": http://www.sierratradingpost.com/p/,...l-For-Men.html Which is really quite irritating. Especially as the "live chat" representative seems to be making explanations up for the mismatch.
Are you saying that box squats are unfairly maligned? Who maligns them? I do them frequently. I love them but I never go too heavy as I work out alone.
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit You are the horses mouth? Cool. I guess my post is misleading. I emailed Isaia and the above was their reply.
From the horse's mouth: "Our suits are currently presented in two models: S body (Sirio) and V body (Vesuvio). The S body is the revised model of the Stewart. If you were pleased with the Stewart, you will be absolutely amazed by the fitting of the Sirio. The V body instead is the the traditional Napolitan sartorial model which is characterized by a rope shoulder and makes your chest look fuller."
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay I never feel free to browse in Hermes. Although they are very polite and helpful, they cling to me. My experience there is similar to Paul Stuart where they're also very clingy. Heh. As an occasional Paul Stuart shopper, I suspect that you're not imagining things.
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