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Here, I lamented the death of a favorite pair of shoes. I emailed Alden, who confirmed that they were discontinued. Last week I stopped by the ShoeMart for a repair, and what did I find on the shelves of seconds? Lo and behold.
I dunno, it seems like the Mad Men skinny lapel fascination peaked half a decade ago and the perfectly dressed businessman on a Manhattan street now wears a medium lapel. Perhaps that has always been so. At the same time the fashion houses seem to be pushing a skinny lapel here and there but I can't figure out if this is the backlash against the backlash. I don't really care what those guys are doing but what I do care about is being caught leaning the wrong way if the...
Shell Cordovan. eBay. $20.
I'm 35 pounds thinner and going through all the suits I haven't worn since letting myself go. Most calls are obvious but one particular suit vexes me. It's an Adriano and Sons, solid charcoal, pretty sure it was made by Caruso circa 2008. So a decent suit, all in. The jacket fits. The pants, though, have two problems. First, they're a little baggy in the thigh and calf. I figure a tailor can recut and I won't be left with "good as new" but for the money maybe not too bad....
Folks, when was the last time The Shoe Mart got a custom shell? I've spent thousands there, and I've been "on the list" (credit card and all) for a couple of years. Last time I asked, I didn't really get a straight answer. Also, I stopped getting mail on irregulars. Trying to figure out whether they deserve any more of my business. Thanks.
933 pages in this thread. I tried, but it seems I cannot find answers that surely exist herein. I'm cleaning out my closet. Used stuff, good shape mostly. 1. Best (and cheapest) way to pack/fold/ship a single shirt? 2. Suggested pricing strategy for: a. Mall-type (J.Crew, mostly) shirts? b. Mid-luxury shirts (Canal, Borrelli)? Thanks.
I appear to have missed the corporate sale. Unfortunately I need refresh my non-iron collection. They're $92 now, with 30% off if you buy four. Which really is a decent deal. Can anyone guesstimate for me the savings I forgo by not waiting for the semiannual sale?
I am bumping this very old thread. He is rather local to me and would be convenient, but it's difficult to take a 3-4 kilobuck flyer on an unknown quantity on the wrong side of 70. Anyone?
Where do you have these listed?
Does anyone want to recommend for me a good off the rack suit line for a man with a wide back and (proportionally) narrow shoulders? (If that's not unfortunate enough, also I am sort of ugly.)
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