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I appear to have missed the corporate sale. Unfortunately I need refresh my non-iron collection. They're $92 now, with 30% off if you buy four. Which really is a decent deal. Can anyone guesstimate for me the savings I forgo by not waiting for the semiannual sale?
I am bumping this very old thread. He is rather local to me and would be convenient, but it's difficult to take a 3-4 kilobuck flyer on an unknown quantity on the wrong side of 70. Anyone?
Where do you have these listed?
Does anyone want to recommend for me a good off the rack suit line for a man with a wide back and (proportionally) narrow shoulders? (If that's not unfortunate enough, also I am sort of ugly.)
I would call them "very deep scuffs" rather than cracks. They don't go all the way through. (edit: I would agree that nothing much can be done for them.)And Mister Planner, thank you for picking up the reference. Regarding the soles, you can see the cork in an area a little bit smaller than a dime.Honestly when you see the shoes up close, they're not (in my view) "completely trashed" but they are very, very tired-- a condition exacerbated by my procrastination in sending...
A bit shabby I admit. But I wore those shoes constantly. They fit *perfectly*.
Also, this made me sad. Now i understand folks who refuse to euthanize a suffering pet.
Apologies for not reading all eight trillion posts, but how, exactly, does one buy a pair of ravello boots nowadays? I live in CT and work in NY-- I have given both Madison Ave and TSM a fair amount of business over my lifetime but at neither place am I a "regular".
I was really hoping that other people would poast their jaspe shirts as well. I am disappointed.
I know that we need more J.Crew poasts. According to Wiktionary, Jaspe comes from French jaspé, the past participle of jasper ("to colour motley, so as to imitate jasper"), from jaspe ("jasper"), from Latin iaspis, from Ancient Greek. Here are my jaspe shirts. I hope you like them.
New Posts  All Forums: