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933 pages in this thread. I tried, but it seems I cannot find answers that surely exist herein. I'm cleaning out my closet. Used stuff, good shape mostly. 1. Best (and cheapest) way to pack/fold/ship a single shirt? 2. Suggested pricing strategy for: a. Mall-type (J.Crew, mostly) shirts? b. Mid-luxury shirts (Canal, Borrelli)? Thanks.
I appear to have missed the corporate sale. Unfortunately I need refresh my non-iron collection. They're $92 now, with 30% off if you buy four. Which really is a decent deal. Can anyone guesstimate for me the savings I forgo by not waiting for the semiannual sale?
I am bumping this very old thread. He is rather local to me and would be convenient, but it's difficult to take a 3-4 kilobuck flyer on an unknown quantity on the wrong side of 70. Anyone?
Where do you have these listed?
Does anyone want to recommend for me a good off the rack suit line for a man with a wide back and (proportionally) narrow shoulders? (If that's not unfortunate enough, also I am sort of ugly.)
I would call them "very deep scuffs" rather than cracks. They don't go all the way through. (edit: I would agree that nothing much can be done for them.)And Mister Planner, thank you for picking up the reference. Regarding the soles, you can see the cork in an area a little bit smaller than a dime.Honestly when you see the shoes up close, they're not (in my view) "completely trashed" but they are very, very tired-- a condition exacerbated by my procrastination in sending...
A bit shabby I admit. But I wore those shoes constantly. They fit *perfectly*.
Also, this made me sad. Now i understand folks who refuse to euthanize a suffering pet.
Apologies for not reading all eight trillion posts, but how, exactly, does one buy a pair of ravello boots nowadays? I live in CT and work in NY-- I have given both Madison Ave and TSM a fair amount of business over my lifetime but at neither place am I a "regular".
I was really hoping that other people would poast their jaspe shirts as well. I am disappointed.
New Posts  All Forums: