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The worst thing to do to a suit is dry clean it, yet this proposal would seem to require cleanings between rentals. If someone is particular about the fit of their clothes, it's quite unlikely there would be a suit that fits perfectly and happens to be available for rental. Color me skeptical.
Picked up this Eidos jacket at Bloomingdales. Took it to my tailor for alterations, which included upgrading the grey plastic buttons to smoked mother of pearl. First time wearing it today. I noticed that there's only one grey window pane jacket left on the sales floor in San Francisco. Perhaps I'll see others out in the wild.
I walked by the construction site that is going to be SS in SF, on Maiden Lane. It seems unlikely they'll be able to transform the building by December. Maybe they'll open a pop up shop elsewhere.
This is an example of why it's better to start with a good fit rather than attempting to butcher into being a good fit.
I'm seeing a lot of the light brown shoe thing on men under age 40 in San Francisco's Financial District.
Tartan plaid, Black Fleece.
Cashmere sweaters are on sale: $239 down from $398. If it's like the ones they've previously sold, the quality is excellent. I ordered one in rust (an orange color). The sale was online only, which I discovered when I went to the store in San Francisco and everything was full price.
Sad to read that Victor passed away, this per a Yelp posting I came across earlier today. He always had a strong opinion and delivered excellent work. I enjoyed working with him for a number of years.
RockyTop - providing detailed measurements, rather than simply the labelled size, would prevent any surprise about the shirt's dimensions. Of course this is a learning for future transactions. If the buyer is going to provide negative feedback, then it's probably better to avoid that by offering some sort of accommodation, up to a full refund.
I flipped through the catalog and couldn't figure out what their point of view is. Perhaps it's simply not my point of view.
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