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If I may offer an observation that probably crosses a line, you're much too young, lean, and tall to allow this jacket to do the disservice it's doing to you. It simply looks old rather than charming in a vintage sort of way. There must be a way to simulate the Ivy League look that you seem to enjoy without it looking like you're wearing other people's clothing, some of whom are quite likely long since expired.Recent posts by Brovsko and SprezzaTrash provide examples of...
I can't help but think you'd obtain a more favorable bid if the vendors thought your resources were more limited than they actually are.
It's simply too large. It appears you recognize you've made a mistake with this purchase. Don't waste $$$ on alterations. Figure out how to get rid of it and find something that fits.
A quick check reveals that central Ohio weather is in the 50s today. Seems a bit chilly and premature to break out seersucker and linen.
I might as well reply to my own post now that I can answer the question. The roll of the collar is much more pronounced than the prior BB oxford cloth shirt. It's just two pieces of cloth at the collar and cuff, no interlining. The fit remains the same. The chest pocket has been deleted, in keeping with the "original" version. The color selection is a bit more interesting than I've seen in recent years, several solids and a handful of stripes. At the moment it...
Curious to know if anyone has any experience with this shirt? I've ordered one in purple; they didn't have the extra slim at the San Francisco store. The shirt is quite soft and unstructured, due to the lack of interlining. It's much softer than the non-iron shirts, which I will no longer be buying due to their sandpapery feel.
I trust you're enjoying a winter vacation in a warm climate, perhaps the Caribbean, rather than wearing this at home in Ohio.
@Chaconne I had the sleeves shortened and the buttons replaced with smoked mother of pearl, no waist suppression. Next time I have it on I'll see if it seems snug.
Spooky eBay modeling attempt
Have to acknowledge the clever use of a period-correct font for your photo.
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