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Purchased last winter. Herringbone pattern with dark brown leather elbow patches. Beautiful red lining. Tailored the sleeves for length. Worn about 5 times. Very warm and handsome. See photos for measurements $300>250>235>215 Shipped
Pleated trousers. Double vented Jacket. Made in Italy $300>$265>250>215 > 205>150 Shipped See pics for Measurements
sorry won't ship there
These shoes are in awesome condition and still have a lifetime of wear in them. "Peanut" color leather. You guys know the deal with Quoddy... they're awesome, Handmade in the US, Super comfy and high quality leather. Originally retailed for over $300. I was going to ask $200 but I just noticed a frayed stitch so I'm dropping the price to $150>140 Shipped! No tracking number if shipping to Cananda
Oh yeah I definitely do the stretching part.
starting back and biceps in week five today. I've been doing Ab Ripper X before the workout so I can be as intense with it as I can. Also, I feel its a great warm up so I can skip the warm up section on the actual workout dvd and go right to the stretching. Save 5 to 7 mins that way. I've also been using this site to help track my calories. Its really easy to enter in the food but the workouts I kinda have to fudge. Mostly I just enter...
Worn one time and in Perfect Condition Nice rich green color See link for measurement details $30 Shipped!
Used for about 3 months In perfect condition. Comes with 20 + capsules and a nice capsule storage box $160 shipped
ndigo Dyed Worn Twice $80 $70>65 > 55 Shipped Worn for about a week A little honeycombing in the knees but basically no stretching at the waste. Made in LA! $90>80>70>60>50Shipped No tracking number if shipped to Canada
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