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I see you. [[SPOILER]]
Yo yo yo. Wassup Whatever123. hows the fishin goin dawg? You done wrecking the OSB, Yuketen and Quoddy threads? Now hellbent on turning WAYWT into a smokin ruin? Hahahahahahaha. Keep tryin bitch. Whatever thinks hes el patron round these here parts.
tcwalter has other things to worry about. The narcos want their tree back. No point hiding it with the Christmas trees. You can run but can't hide from em narcos. There arm is long. [[SPOILER]]
wait wait lets recap here. your saying i'm stalking you my good man? lets see whos stalking who.heres you first inviting miran to comment on your fit. you encouraging miran even more by grading him in your thumbs up. theres a conversation between me and miran in FUCKING GREEK that you decide to read up...
miran, you should stay away from commenting on SVBs fits. i have warned you before. here he is trying to get you banned SVB is hopelessly addicted to WAYWT because of your posts. he spends all day here jerking off to your rants. its negatively affecting his life outside SF so he thinks he can fix it by getting you banned. i warned you before.
Branquinha is junk also. What's your fucking point?
yeah i was surpised they didnt call ya out as well.
Just shut the fuck up.
camp soles are a'ight on ice. cant' speak for christy soles since i've never tried em. why no luv for yuks here?
The text in bold. Please, please. I'm beggin ya.
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