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$115 shipped in ConUS vis USPS Priority with delivery confirmation. Anywhere else we can talk shipping. Worn a few times last fall before too much bike and gym work made my legs too big to fit. Bought from Context (http://www.contextcl...tem.php?id=2305). Tagged 30W but I measure 16.25" flat across the front. Inseam is 38" unhemmed. Any other measurements just ask. The last pic showing the selvedge and blue inseam stitching represents the color best.
Bump. $90 shipped in CONUS?
Marked as a 10.5 C. Just a bit too narrow for me. They have nearly new Topy soles. Shoe trees included. Two small imperfections as pictured are one on the toe and a small tear in the leather at the heal. $100 or best offer via paypal shipped to the CONUS. Thanks for looking.
Shirt came today! Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by add911_11 I think these are good style for teenagers: Flickr 上 add911_11 的 tumblr_lkmirppNqZ1qcq3ab This photo is from a very well known style forum member (sorry for copying), all of his causal clothing are very well balance and suitable for men of all age, without looking too much And at least follow that trend will increase your possibility to meet girls in your school like this: Flickr 上 add911_11 的...
Ignoring all the dating-and-relationships-at-16 drivel here's my 2 cents: First, don't spend too much money on this stuff. I had a nice collection of well fitting selvage denim until I started cycling at 18 and then hit another small growth spurt at 20. Don't make that mistake. Second, unless you're required a jacket and tie for school why not focus on some basics with good fit? Dark denim, some chinos on the bottom with polos, sweaters, and oxfords. Ditch the Nikes...
You shouldn't really have to work at it too much when riding. Proper position and balance on the bike should just engage your core. As mentioned the remedy could be anything from handlebar adjustment to saddle height and setback to god knows what else. Definitely have the guys at the shop watch you ride on a stationary trainer or even better on the road. Hope you get it worked out. I think more people enjoy riding if they had a proper pain-free and efficient...
Bike fit for sure. Unfortunately one thing leads to another, to another, to another wrt fit issues. Sounds like too much weight on your hands to me. The remedy? Like I said too many other issues could occur with only one adjustment. My recommendation would be see an experience fitter and ALSO work on your core. Your core muscles should be supporting your upper body. With a proper bike fit you should be able to pedal up hill, bent as if in the drops with no hands and...
I certainly haven't been here long and don't know the story, however when I read that description I picture the guy that posts in the WAYWRN threads with expensive brands, no photos, and a link to his blog.
I find American Apparel tees in a size medium fit nicely after a warm wash. However they maybe a bit big in the mid section for some but look quite proportional for my legs. I still haven't had much luck with the "perfect" sweater. The J Crew cotton sweaters in a medium tall fits well enough for me.
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