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I just received the Corallorosso 38R today via USPS Express. I'm 5'9" with a 17.75" shoulder, 38" chest, 34" waist and the jacket fits me perfectly (shameless self picture as below). Great jacket, great value and great seller!
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian GTFO with this BS, it's common for all men you fucking dolt. OP sounds like the story of Kunk. Well I am azn, and I see around me lots and lots of fellow azn males trying to fuck/deflower their (wifey material) girlfriends then accusing the girls for being a slut/not able to stay virgin until marriage. Which is, I think, not too different from the OP's situation...
Don't you think it was because she loves you more than her boyfriend? Btw you sound like a typical pathetic azn asshole.
PM sent for the Corallorosso SC.
From my experience, if Ray Ban Caravan 3136 looks good on you, then RE/AOOP will look good on you too. The RB 3136 was a tad small for my face, so I went for the AO Original Pilot in size 57.
Quote: Originally Posted by Halpless Comments on the fit of this jacket? There is a little pulling at the waist and flaring of the vents, and Ill need to get the sleeves taken in obviously. On the back picture it looks like there's dimpling but its not there normally. Is there anything else? I'm on the fence about whether to keep it, seeing as I'd have to sink at least $100-150 to take the sleeves up. How do you/your tailor intend to take up the...
Sorry for resurrecting this thread, but here's a familiar question. I've been eyeing Persol 649 (didn't like it at first, but it grows on me), but no eyewear shop where I live carries them anymore, so no chance for an actual try-on . I have a big skull, like, BIG even for caucasian standards (I'm SEAn, 5'9"). Just for reference, AO Original Pilot 55/20 seems small for me, as well as Persol 2720-S 57/16. AOOP 57/20 fits well and so does Persol 2857-V 54/16 and Persol 2244-S...
Just out of curiousity, is that - a moc toe - a bicycle toe - a camel toe - or all of the above?
Mykita & Bernhard Willhelm Franz golden sunglasses
Price drop US$80 >> US$70 shipped, Paypal personal.
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