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This may sound like a stupid question, but was all that destruction really necessary (burned out walls, shell holes on the building etc.) or it's a must-have for any zombie flick? I mean, the soldiers were fighting zombies, not a highly mobile, armed enemy, so what's the point of wasting ammo like that?
PM sent for #13.
Same here!
Congratulations to a great seller ! Too bad nothing in my size just yet...
Quote: Originally Posted by nurktwin I'd recommend the 52 for most folks. If you are have a large skull, maybe go for the 54, as it's quite large anyway. FYI. here's the best price I've found online $195: http://www.discountshadesdirect.com/...tal-brown.html Thanks. Got the 54 last week, it fits me nicely.
Damn... too bad i've just ebay'ed a 649 in 24/31 color...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien In the UK it has always been declared value + shipping = total due for tax, in my experience. +1. In Vietnam too. Total tax = import duties (certain percentage x [declared value + shipping cost]) + VAT (10% x [declared value + shipping cost + import duties]). Always like that for express parcels. USPS First Class and Priority Int'l are less likely to be taxed, given that the contents are not too obviously...
I think the size is 54-17-145 if they are the exact following models: Super Classic Black and Super Havana Glitter. Hope this helps.
I'm well aware that the first/newer suit has unfinished sleeves, but still found it wide at the upper arm. The reason I asked was because my newly purchased SC has similar upper arm/sleeves, which I'm considering have it taken in. And no, mine fits great, but not that great.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQhustler Just took some fit pics of one of my Tom Ford suits that is straight off the rack and unaltered. I'm torn between selling it and keeping it for myself. Would love to hear what others think of the fit. Here's one of my TF suits that has been altered and worn a handful of times so far. I threw these pics together quickly since I'm feeling extremely lazy -- hence the gym shorts in first shot and the bad lighting....
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