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Can I play too? Newly eBay'ed Seiko SND221: On my tiny wrist:
Guys, quick question: I bought this piece of fabric without checking with the seller first, and now he told me 1.15m would not be enough for a pair of flat front, slim fit, non-cuff pants. True or false? FYI I'm a 38R, 5'9" (176cm), waist 34" (86cm), inseam 31" (78cm), outseam 40" (102cm).
Hmm... The Adjustment Bureau (2011)? Damn I wanna look like John Slattery when I grow old.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman +2 +3 Chukka FTW. I found it much more versatile and sleeker than chelsea.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y That is sweetest love letter to a cat I have ever read. +1. Mine does most of those things. She's nine years old (human year), meows whenever she enters my room at my presence, tries to open any door/closet in the house to sneak in and sits on my chest until I wake up and feed her. She's a saucy little minx, and we love her too much to ever want to adopt any other cat after she's gone.
PM sent on the last item.
Quote: NWT (New with tags) Lacoste Fabric Belt. Metal Grommets. Leather tabs. $33>$30>$27>$24> now $22 Each Khaki Size 32 I have 1 I'll take this. PM (is about to be) sent.
Picture and info are updated here.
Greatly inspired by AnGeLiCbOrIs's thread, I've been wanting a pair of balmoral boots for myself. Luckily I've found a shoemaker that could make my wishes come true. [[SPOILER]] Well I'm not gonna reveal my shoemaker's identity without his consent, but let's just say he has the experience, the expertise, well-equipped and well-staffed to make footwear of similar quality and the great thing is he-takes-custom-orders.Enough with the texts, now if my poor photography skill...
Quote: Originally Posted by meister If they are as nice as those made for Isetan ones you had a while back it will be good... Here's a preview: The neon light and my photography skill sucked. Will take better pictures in natural right tomorrow.
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