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Same city as I am, Hochiminh City, Vietnam.
Actually at this time the shoemaker is not ready for taking online, inbound individual, non-contract orders yet, so he prefers me not revealing the price. However we are trying to work things out, and hopefully could bring some good news for you guys in the near future.
Well it's MTO, not bespoke. There are too many great designs out there, and my aesthetically disabled brain surely won't produce bespoke patterns anytime soon . Plus (thankfully) my feet have normal shape and could easily fit in popular lasts, so this seems like a no-brainer choice for me. And I never mentioned the price .
Some update... I placed another MTO commission with the shoemaker, this time a pair of Corthay Arca in 001 last, calf upper, GY-welted leather sole. Had the vamps lengthened so the gap wouldn't look too wide on my feet (it did in the original design). This is how it turned out (pardon my photography skill ). I'm waiting for the lasted trees, which probably be available in a month. Upon delivery and tried on, evening shoot, indoor: After one wear and...
While I deeply appreciate your taste in fine eyeglass frames and the efforts you put into taking their pictures, I find it somehow bizarre (no offense) that none of those easy-fitting, widely accepted frames worked well for you. As a fellow eyewear enthusiast, would you mind sharing the type/design of the perfect frame you are looking for?
Quote: Originally Posted by Imperator Same. I've purchased 2 pairs (649s and 714s) from louthbird. Great seller, and the shipping only took 8-10 days. I'll third that. Purchased 2244s, 2942s and 649s from louthbird. Took exactly 14 days to reach my post office. Actually the first pair of 649s had some defect so I contacted him for a return/replacement, then mailed out the sunnies, and upon providing him the proof of mailing (scanned airway bill)...
^+1. You can't go wrong with color 24 (Havana). The frame will look much darker in real life, but whenever you got sunshine on your face it will light up being a nice touch. Just one suggestion: if you have a big head (no offense, I have one too), choose a frame with larger arms. I personally like the 2937V, it's less curved which makes the frame more masculine.
To OP: depends on certain frames. I'm wearing the 2857-V and all I received was compliments. If you're concerned about the silver arrow, don't worry, no one will be offended by that. They won't even notice it at first glance. IMHO, the 2747-S is not suitable for eyeglass frame, since it sports a rather non-conservative/sporty and outdoor design.
I'm a 61. Actually the 649 and 2857 fit my head a little bit snug, but overall it's still fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley I've heard the sz54 649/714s are for big heads only. Most ppl here seem to recommend buying the 52s if you are 'normal'... +1. Although I'm Asian I have a big skull and have to wear size 54 in both 649 and 2857 (eyeglasses), which is big even for Caucasians. My advice for those who are confused about 649 sizing is that you should consult the hat sizing, if you are on the large size then you should...
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