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@OP: I had a similar situation also. This eBay auction, apparently had used my own photos of my MTO balmoral boots. I found out about that a little late though.
Got a client event coming up next week, the kind that requires suits and fine footwear. Client is the CEO/Chairman of a well-known US-based global corporation in IT industry, and by the look of him I'll say he's quite Trad. So now I'm torn between this [[SPOILER]] and my newly acquired MTO Corthay Vendome-modeled full brogue:FWIW, suit is a notch lapeled half-canvassed quarter-lined 3-roll-2 bespoke SB in dark navy with mute PoW checks.
It seems MEN'S EX made it way to Zinio, starting from May-2011 issue:
Latest addition, from original model of Edward Green Alderley, but in 82 last. Photos were taken after some polishing and self-antiquing with Saphir shoe cream, Kenda Farben antiqua finishing cream and a lot of elbow greases. Background is some British mid-blue wool I won off eBay for cheap. Updated with better lighting/angles photos: I gotta improve my antiquing skill, I know: SF's mandatory 69-position shot: Dainite soles, not as pretty as the Made in...
IMHO the TF 108 doesn't look that good in real life. It feels light, cheap, and not everyone can pull off the James Bond look.
Nice jacket. Good luck with the sale.
A bit, I think, but absolutely versatile . Dig the spalla camicia shoulder .
I say put a Osama Bin Laden mask on the suit and use it as shooting/knife throwing target, since to me it sounds fubar already.
Did my part. Good luck RR!
Ah that makes sense. I'm a big fan of the rectangular frames (actually it's the only design that looks good on my big Asian face), and find your listing highly tempting but I'm already hooked up with Persol 2857v style. Thank you and good luck with the sales.
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