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Found something in 38S/R: Enrico Isaia suit: RLPL DB 3-piece suit:
Sounds perfect! Could you please stop playing around and tell us the whole *story*?
Details! We want more details . Please. (Because you, mister jonglover, are the inspiration for all the MILF-lovers out there !)
Ralph Lauren Astor Suede Boots, size 9 US (= 41 EU I believe): If only I were in the US ...
Quote: Originally Posted by stilmacher One should consider that in most cases one should be grateful for the paramedics cutting up peoples clothes. Maybe I will try that next time I see someone in a horrible suit - just call the paramedics and tell them he has a broken leg or something. You don't wanna know how busy the 115 (emergency) line's gonna be in my country...
Much likely... Quote: Originally Posted by Colin Sullivan@The Departed You have any suits at home, or do you like coming to work dressed like you're gonna invade Poland?
Quote: Originally Posted by surrender It depends on how the shirts are labeled. The shirts that are labeled Size S fit me almost perfectly, while the ones that are labeled size 38 are quite a bit blousier in the chest and waist and fit more like RL custom fits. I can't afford designer stuff like Dries Van Noten or Margiela yet, so Zara will do for now I've got two Zara S-size slim fit shirts, one labeled Zara Men (€24.90), darted back, and one...
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